Shall we do breakfast tomorrow?

June 4, 2007

Few things brighten an evening more than those words.

And few things brighten a day more than the sign “Breakfast served all day.” That should become the standard phrase to describe all things awesome. “How do you like my new car?” “Dude, it’s like breakfast served all day.”

The word breakfast is a joining of the verb break and the noun fast. It’s the morning meal, or at least the first meal of the day, when one breaks the fast of the night. The dictionary records the first joining of these words in French in 1463. The word itself has fully become a verb: to breakfast, i.e. “We breakfasted at the new diner by the highway.” Cool.

Over the years, I’ve gathered varying bits of advice about breakfast: it’s an essential meal, or the most important meal, or you should never skip it, or you should eat a hearty breakfast, or you should eat a light breakfast, or you can eat it on-the-go, or you should sit and enjoy it, etc., etc., etc. All this advice highlights the importance of breakfast. I personally have always been a breakfast person; I start very few of my days without a meal of some sort. I look forward to breakfasts. I like the way it starts the day. I like how it’s the meal with the most potential. So many things can happen over breakfast. You can read a paper, you can chat, you can work on your laptop, you can do business. And you can have breakfast anywhere: at home, at a cafe, at a fancy restaurant, in your hotel, on the beach. So I think it’s time to take that love to a new level… let’s blog it.

Why? Because. And because breakfast really is the coolest meal. Just look at the foods it features: eggs (in all forms of preparation), bread (usually toasted), meat (bacon, sausage, ham, chicken, turkey), potatoes (chunked, fries, hash browns), cereal (which deserves its own blog!), fruit in many forms, and possibly the best delivery of carbohydrates EVER: pancakes, waffles, French toast. Not to mention beverages: coffee, milk, juice, tea, water. And if you’re talking an English breakfast… well, that adds tomatoes, mushrooms, and baked beans to the mix! Meanwhile, here in the States, the breakfast burrito is redefining everything.

Here’s the plan. I’ll start with some of the local favorites from Columbus, OH… Northstar Cafe, First Watch, Scrambler Marie’s, North Market… and other stand-bys like Real Food Cafe and Wolfgang’s in Grand Rapids, MI. I’ll break down the review like this: Pre/Impressions, Atmosphere, Service, Food, Overall. I won’t do any grading. I promise to include: a picture, website (if available), address, phone number. Sound good?

Breakfast travels, too… whenever I reminisce about vacations and trips, I always recall a happy breakfast. Cases in points: The Breakfast Club on Tybee Island, GA; Wishbone in Chicago, IL; Camp 18 outside Cannon Beach, OR; Biscuit World in Fayetteville, WV; the Berkeley Arms in Berkeley, England; the buffett at the Lucerne Inn on my honeymoon in Maine; or good ole Apple Uglies from the Orange Blossom in Buxton, NC.

So… shall we do breakfast tomorrow?

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