Photo: crab cakes for breakfast!

June 24, 2008

My wife’s family recently returned from their annual trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We were not able to go this year because we’re a little too close to our first child’s due date (39 weeks today!), but our loving family brought us back some fresh crab and hush puppy mix. We made some of the favorites with it, including crab cakes and a cream cheese crab dip. This morning we took some leftover crab cakes (don’t ask me how there were leftovers) and made breakfast sandwiches out of them. The “recipe” if you will:

1 crab cake
1 English muffin toasted
2 eggs, over easy
1 small dollop of Trader Joe’s mayonnaise (rated the best mayonnaise by Real Simple!)
1 dash of rogan josh spice

Instructions: toast the English muffin. Cook the eggs. Put the mayonnaise and rogan josh (you could also use curry) on one half of the muffin. Then place the crab cake and one egg on top. Take the other half of the muffin, butter it slightly, and put the other egg on top. Eat both halves separately. Don’t use a fork.

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