Photos: Breakfast at Grammies

September 11, 2008

Earlier this week my wife and I took our son to meet some of his great-grandparents. We trekked out to rural Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania to visit her maternal grandparents. Pop and Grammie, as they’re known in the family, have been married for 62 years, and it’s always a blessing to be around them.

Well, Grammie is a true born-and-bred Kentucky girl. Her father was a coal miner, and she grew up learning the cooking style of rural eastern Kentucky. So when she makes Kentucky fried chicken, she makes Kentucky fried chicken.

Grammie made us breakfast both mornings of our visit. The first morning she treated us to her biscuits and gravy. See above for a visual example of their awesomeness.

Grammie also served us sliced tomatoes with breakfast. She said that her father always ate tomatoes at breakfast. It must be a throw-back to the family’s English heritage; tomatoes (often stewed) are a typically found in the classic English breakfast.

Oh yeah.

And the second morning she made French toast and sausage. All of this food was wonderful. And you know it’s good when Grammie keeps saying “Oh, it’s nothing” or “I hope it’s enough.” Her modesty betrays the honest and skilled nature of her cooking.

Anyway, I just had to document this breakfast! It was – just like the visit with Grammie and Pop – a truly unique and lovely experience!

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