Banana Bean Cafe revisit

November 28, 2009

Last weekend we found ourselves visiting Banana Bean Cafe again. I’ve reviewed their former and current locations, but the food is always so colorful I just couldn’t resist taking pictures of it again. Plus, there are some new menu items that had to be documented. Enjoy!

First off, the BB Ranchero. Like a delicious Cuban breakfast, with eggs, potatoes, plantains, black beans, tortillas, and all the accoutrement. Very hearty.

Then the enchilada omelet, filled with ground beef, cheese, sour cream, and the like. All good, except the beef needed MUCH more seasoning.

Banana Bean’s Eggs del Mar gets my award for best seafood use in a breakfast dish.

Grandaddie’s Chicken and Waffles
– my first time trying this dish! Seems like it wouldn’t go well together, but it really did. The base is a large, dark golden crispy waffle. So crispy it was just a tad dry – kinda needed the maple syrup – but still oh so delicious. Topped with fried chicken strips with an apricot glaze. The breading was perfectly crisp and peppery. Taken all together: excellent. I will be back.

The roasted corn and blueberry pancakes. Fantastic.

Potato pancakes
with apples and sour cream – such a great combination of flavors. Who knew you could do so much with pancakes? Banana Bean knows.

Keys Poacher
. Smoked salmon and poached eggs, on top of two biscuits that were a little too hard.

And one of BB’s best dishes: the Cedar Key Shrimp & Grits. Simply incredible for the wallop of flavors this bowl packs. Warm, cheesy, spicy, buttery, amazing.

And that’s it! Just had to share the pics. We’ll be back again!

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