Photos: Eggs in a Nest!

December 11, 2009

Everyone seems to know this dish by a different name: Toad in a Hole, Hens in a Basket (see Cafe Corner), Eggs in a Basket, and so on. I know it as Eggs in a Nest. My wife introduced me to it years ago, and we’ve since perfected the art. If/when I start a breakfast diner someday, Eggs in a Nest will be a featured menu item.

Eventually I’ll do a more in-depth how-to post on this dish, but for now I had to share pictures – this batch just turned out too good. Basically, you take a slice of bread, butter it up, cut a hole in the middle, put in the frying pan, and crack an egg in the middle. We usually toast another piece of bread, to dip in the runny eggs. And be sure to fry up the middle that you cut out – we call it the nubbin – it’s the best part! This is a perfect meal to start a cold morning. It’s not too filling – an egg and two pieces of toast – but gives you a good boost to start the day.

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