Photos: pumpkin pancakes with bananas foster topping

February 7, 2010

In the midst of Snowblizzardpocalypse 2010 we, like many other Columbusites, wimped out and hunkered down for the weekend in our home. Saturday morning we made ourselves some pancakes for breakfast. We started with Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake Mix (made with Snowville Creamy 2% milk, of course) and tried adding a bananas foster (sans alcohol) topping. The Trader Joe’s mix by itself is excellent – it smells like Lindsey’s Bakery pumpkin donuts when cooking. Pictured above is the brown sugar and cinnamon base for the bananas.

Bananas, sliced on the bias so you get long, thin pieces.

Butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. I tried laying out the bananas in the pan. They cook quickly, and I left them too long, so they ended up mushy and not seared. Still, they didn’t taste too bad.

Pancakes in the pan. I love the color, even.

Finished product! We topped it with real maple syrup and a dash of powdered sugar. Overall, not bad. The bananas and pumpkin combo worked, although just slicing the bananas and putting them on the pancakes would be just as good.

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