Photos: breakfast at African Paradise

July 7, 2011

While doing some “research” for the breakfast book yesterday, I took a tip from the alt.eats.cbus crew to check out African Paradise for their Somali breakfast. I intend to do a fuller review of the breakfast eventually, but I just thought I’d share the pictures I did take yesterday. (Besides, the lighting was so low that I had some trouble getting good pictures.)

The breakfast is fairly simple – just one page. Not all of the items were available (judging by the X’s through some pictures). We went for a simple chicken dish as our entree.

While we waited for our main dish, we sipped on watermelon and mango juices (that’s the watermelon above), and were served bananas.
This is our chicken suqaar: chicken and vegetables cooked in a spicy sauce. Served with a side salad. This is eaten with a spongy bread called angro (pronounced an-JER-oh), similar to Ethiopian injera. All in all, it was a delicious breakfast. Everything together: juices, bananas, and the chicken dish, cost the two of us $8. And I’m very proud to say that my three-year-old ate a lot of it!

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