Silver Bridge Coffee Company

December 13, 2011

Like it or not, I’ve become one of those people who needs to have my coffee in the morning. I’ve just grown to like the taste of a warm cup of coffee at the start of the day, not to mention the caffeine fix. I justify drinking it by also focusing on the fact that coffee is, after all, one of the best beverages for breakfast. All of these reasons keep me on the lookout for new coffee to try. Recently, we picked up a couple bags from Silver Bridge Coffee Company, and I thought I’d share.

I’m not the greatest judge of coffee. I’m happy to sip on cheap diner coffee (“angry water,” my father-in-law calls it), but I can recognize a superior bean when it’s before me. Columbus is a strong coffee town, slowly gaining recognition for our amazing roasters and baristas. Silver Bridge is a fine addition to the scene.

Silver Bridge is actually based in Gallipolis, Ohio, southeast of Columbus, almost to the West Virginia border. But the company has a strong presence here in Central Ohio. You’ll find them sampling at farmer’s markets and grocery stores, and their beans are sold at Kroger, Celebrate Local, Hills Market, and Whole Foods.

We purchased three different roasts: the Silver Bridge Blend, the Buckeye Breakfast Buzz, and the Jamaican Me Crazy. The Buckeye Breakfast has a nice little bite to it. The Silver Bridge is a balanced blend of light and dark. Both of those are very easy to like. They offer a great morning cup of coffee. The Jamaican Me Crazy is much more pungent, fueled by chocolatey and nutty flavors. It’s more of a stand-out, occasionally too rich to drink a lot of in the morning, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Silver Bridge roasts and quickly distributes their coffee. Ours was roasted the date before we purchased it. It should be noted, too, that Silver Bridge’s coffee is organic and fair trade certified.

We’ve recently taken to French-pressing our coffee in the morning (although I still use a blade grinder, shhhhhh). My wife and I realized we weren’t (or shouldn’t be) drinking an entire pot of coffee together every day. This allows us to make coffee in more manageable batches, and it’s closer to the ideal brewing process. Also, it makes me feel better than everyone else. (Just kidding.)

To find out more about Silver Bridge, and where you can pick up their coffee:

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