Photos: stuffed pancakes

March 20, 2012

It’s spring break! So let’s make some breakfast. In rural western Pennsylvania with my wife’s family, we decided to make some stuffed pancakes. It’s as easy as, well, making pancakes. Heck, you could accidentally make stuffed pancakes if you dropped bacon or sausage into the pancake batter.

We started with some thick-cut bacon from a nearby smokehouse, Willie’s Smokehouse.

We just added bacon today, but we’ve frequently done it with sausage, too. You need to cook your meat before adding it to the pancakes. The batter cooks too quickly to thoroughly and safely cook the meat as well.

This time around, we cheated and used a boxed pancake mix, but we made up for it by using eggs from a local farm. They can’t be beat.

Another benefit to being in Amish country: inexpensive (and delicious!) maple syrup.

Like I said: making stuffed pancakes is easy. You can crumble the bacon and sausage into the batter, or you can lay the bacon strips on top before flipping.

Laying the bacon strips whole in the batter creates little caves in which the syrup can pool. Stuffed pancakes give you the great mix of savory and sweet. The texture combines fluffy pancakes and crispy meat, too. If you’re bored with the usual pancakes, give these a try!

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