Laughlin’s Bakery | Columbus, OH

March 3, 2015


[UPDATE January 2020: Laughlin’s Bakery has closed.]

Laughlin’s Bakery (Facebook / @laughlinsbakery / instagram: @laughlinsbakery)
15 E. 2nd Ave. (map it!)
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 914-8858
Open Tues-Sat, 8a-5p; Sun, 9a-4p
Accepts cash & credit/debit
Vegetarian/vegan/gluten free? Y/N/Y

Whenever I think of Laughlin’s Bakery, I’m reminded that it’s always worth saying ‘hello’ to someone. Last June we chanced upon a small pop-up bake shop during the Victorian Village yard sale. At that time Jonas Laughlin was selling his beautiful baked goods at little pop-ups or catering events around town. My thought was to just pass by, but my wife encouraged me to say hi and pick up a couple things. The treats were delicious (no regrets stopping for those!), we briefly said hi and exchanged business cards, and we were on our way.

Fast forward a few months and we watch this bake shop from afar, as they run a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a brick-and-mortar, and then in December they open up in Short North. It’s so fun to have witnessed some of this journey, although because we thought to say ‘hi.’ I managed to touch base with Jonas for Columbus Crave; he’s got a great story – read it here.


We’ve stopped by the bakery a few times over the past months, and now I’m here to encourage you to visit if you’ve never been. Laughlin’s Bakery is the quintessential small neighborhood bakery, the place you might walk to for a coffee and a snack, or where you might stop in for a loaf of bread or a cake to enjoy at home.

The vibe is small village European, so many of the treats are German, French, and English in origin. And the presentation? Simply stellar. Even the best Instagram photos don’t do it justice – you’ve got to see for yourself.


There are a couple tables, if you want to enjoy your Thunderkiss Coffee and sweet treats in-house. The big sign on the wall lists and thanks the Kickstarter supporters.


The whole set-up is elegant while still remaining approachable.


You could spend an hour just looking over the beautifully displayed baked goods, but eventually you will have to make a decision. I can tell you, though – it’s not easy. There’s no wrong choice. We’ve loved the gingerbread, the lemon madeleines, pain au chocolat, the lemon scone. The list goes on and on.


Big props to the almond croissant, too. It’s rightly labeled as a customer favorite.

One of our favorite things about Laughlin’s goods are the textures and the balance. Yes, they’re sweet treats, but they’re not sugar bombs. Each item provides the right amount of sweet without being overdone. They’re balanced out with the right spices, and are flakey or chewy when they need to be.


And the presentation…? I mean, even the loaves of sandwich bread are picturesque!


If you live in the Short North or Italian Village neighborhoods, you’re lucky. But even if you’re not in the area, find a regular excuse to detour out of your way to stop by. And be sure to say ‘hi’ and strike up a conversation while you’re there.

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