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May 1, 2015


I’ll admit it’s a little mean to post about Mashita Noodles on the last day of their downtown pop-up, but even if you can’t make it there today, consider this your encouragement to find their cart when it hits the streets next week. While the business has been in a steady location, this spring they’re returning to mobile operations, which gives you plenty of chances to track them down.


They’ve been popping up for lunch downtown at 122 S. High St., former site of the Meatbar and Chez du Bon.


Even as a pop-up, the menu rotated daily, with different ramen toppings or steam bun fillings.


There have also been kimchi burritos, bibimbap, steam buns, pancakes. This is all just to entice you with some of their offerings.


I know we’ll be tracking down Mashita this spring and summer. We’ve loved everything they have to offer. Much of the menu emphasizes Korean flavors, with Japanese elements worked in. For instance, the signature bowl is called spicy kimchi ramyeon. We’ve been particularly fond of the kimchijeon: thin pancakes filled with kimchi and fried crisp.


We’ve also enjoyed several iterations of the steam bun. It’s been variously filled with pork belly and house-made pickles.


More pork belly and jalapenos.


Or even filled with karaage, spicy fried chicken.


The real feature is their ramen bowls. The spicy kimchi ramyeon is made with a richly seasoned broth, pulled pork, kimchi, pickled jalapeno, scallions, and a raw egg yolk. Mrs. Bfast w/Nick and I recently came down with colds, and we turned to the kimchi ramyeon for its spicy and healing powers.


You can also build your own bowls. They’ve even done kid’s bowls with chicken and noodles.


Here’s John Franke, co-owner with Max Rice (who’s working in the background).

So there’s your tease. If you can’t make it to their last pop-up today, you can find their current location the following ways:

1. Follow them on Facebook
2. Or Twitter (@mashitnoodles)
3. Or Instagram (@mashitacbus)
4. Or sample the menu on their website (

Especially exciting are the house-made items. John and Max have developed their own side business, Two Daughters Kimchi. They’re fermenting their own kimchi, pickles, and other products, and John has mentioned curing eggs for other dishes. You’ll get to try their products in Mashita dishes, or you can find them at the Clintonville Farmers Market and other venues around the city.

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