Beyond Breakfast: Buxton Munch Company | Buxton, NC

July 10, 2015


The Buxton Munch Company (Facebook)
47359 Osprey Shopping Center, Highway 12 (map it!)
Buxton, NC 27
(252) 995-5502
Open Mon-Sat, 11a-4p
Accepts cash & debit/credit
Vegetarian/vegan/gluten free? Y/N/N

Sixteen years in business is nothing to sneeze at for any restaurant, much less one in a seasonal spot like the Outer Banks. So you must know Buxton Munch is onto something here.


If their longevity wasn’t enough to go by, you can also count on their semi hidden location, in the middle of a shopping center set back from the main road in Buxton. The thing about the Outer Banks is, if you can find these types of places, you’ve found the right places to eat.


We’ve been to Buxton Munch in previous years, but the eatery has grown from our first visits. They expanded into the space to the right, adding more seating and big, long bar. As you can see, they’ve continued the very colorful theme throughout. Actually, the expansion does them good. I remember the place feeling a little small in the past.


Their menu is crammed with listings, drawings, and funny commentary. Again, the sign you’re in a good place. The major focus is tacos, burritos, sandwiches, and wraps – all with LOTS of seafood.


We didn’t plan on ordering the chips and salsa, but then the table next to us did and we couldn’t help ourselves. Thick, crunchy, salty house-made chips with a chunky pico de gallo? Sold.


Our boys are easily sold on quesadillas, so we ordered two – one with chicken and one with just cheese. They’re a good size, and served with colorful (although kinda stale) chips.


The menu told me I had to try the crabby patty, so I did. The menu was right. Although the seasoning isn’t mind-blowing, the crabby patty is still packed with real crab meat.


Another quesadilla. More chips.


The other signature is the build-your-own fish tacos. You’re given a beautifully presented plate with all the fixings, then allowed to build them your way.


These fish tacos are about as good as you’ll get on the island. Again, not crazy seasoning, but still perfectly cooked fish.


We’re more partial to corn tortillas these days, but it’s hard to argue with fillings like these.


Buxton Munch embodies the attitude of the beach, and given their sixteen years in the business, customers are happy to embrace it. We would easily count ourselves amongst that bunch.

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