Recipe: Pulled Pork

August 26, 2016


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I admit, I have been a very lazy cook this summer – it has been so crazy hot and humid that heating up our oven for meals is the last thing I want to do. Our dinners the last few months have all centered around a theme: easy to prepare with as little heat as possible. My favorite of these are ones where you put a bunch of seemingly disparate things on a plate and they magically taste delicious together. Ok, obviously not everything goes together all the time, but I’ve learned to lean on a few key ingredients to anchor the meal.

  • Avocados: We all know these are little green bites of heaven by now, right? They just work with EVERYTHING – meats, veggies, salads, burritos, breakfast, appetizers…! You can’t go wrong.
    • Pro Tip: Mash into your favorite bean and rice dish, or use the mixture as a burrito filling.
  • Eggs: Listen, I know I’m a bit biased, based on family obligation to all things breakfast, but eggs seriously go with everything. Almost any preparation works, but impress your guests (or kiddos) with a 6-minute-egg where the whites are cooked but the yolk stays runny.
    • Pro Tip: For 6-minute-eggs, bring a small pot of water to a boil, gently lay the eggs in (we do 6 at a time), and set timer for 6 minutes. When it dings, lift into a ice water bath for a minute or two, and carefully peel right away.
  • Cheese: Again, do we need to talk about how awesome cheese is?
    • Pro Tip: It sounds silly, but slicing cheese in different ways can be fun and take a dish up a notch – try wedges, long strings, cubes, or my fancy favorite – shards. (It makes a dish taste better when you describe it plated with “shards of sharp cheddar.” Trust me.)
  • Pork: I am super lucky to have a talented brother who has been dabbling with smoking meats for the last several years. We have enjoyed the fruits – or meats – of his labor, especially in the form of his delicious pulled pork, slow smoked over several hours. We use it in absolutely everything, from sandwiches to omelets, salads to rice.
    • Pro Tip: Pulled pork freezes great – we vacuum seal and freeze meal-sized portions for quick and easy dinners.

The meal pictured above started with red beans and rice with a little smoked pulled pork, avocados, and 6-minute eggs. We added seasonal roasted peppers from Lucky’s Market, fresh heirloom tomatoes from our garden, and shards (ooohhyyeahh) of smoked gouda. And a delicious meal was had by all, with nary an oven turned on.

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