Kittie’s Cafe | Bexley, OH

May 16, 2017

Kittie’s Cafe | Facebook | IG: @kittiescakes
2424 E. Main St. (map it!)
Bexley, OH 43209
Open Mon-Fri, 7a-6p; Sat, 8a-6p; Sun, 8a-5p

If you’re not familiar with Kittie’s Cakes, it’s time to take a trip to German Village to grab some cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, and Stumptown coffee, then take a stroll of the neighborhood.

If you’re already familiar with Kittie’s, you’ll be happy to know they have a second location in Bexley, a little cafe with a laid-back vibe. It’s wifi and laptop free, and meant to serve up coffee and snacks to go with conversation.

The Bexley cafe features a long counter with a big, red espresso machine and a display case of pastries.

The espresso machine, front and center, reminds you of the ease-going feel here.

The small display case features cookies, sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, and their signature tiny cupcakes.

They rotate through all sorts of flavors: s’mores, coconut, Oreo, you name it.

They make for fun little sweet bites. (And I can attest they’re a hit with the kiddos.)

Kudos to the cinnamon roll, too, which is soft and warm, and not too sweet.

One of their more Instagram-able features is the s’moretado, a cortado (espresso cut with a little milk) served in a Gibraltar glass that’s rimmed with chocolate and crushed graham crackers. Then a beautiful torched marshmallow is plunked in the middle.

See? Instagram-worthy.

What’d I tell you?

If you want a little more of a substantial bite, you can order their breakfast sandwich made with scrambled eggs and cheddar between two biscuits.

The cafe is a cozy spot for a cappuccino, to read a book, or catch up with a friend.

Special bonus about Kittie’s Bexley: it’s connected to the new Gramercy Books, the first independent bookstore to open in Columbus in over a decade.

It’s a perfect pairing, really – coffee and books. If you’re stopping in Kittie’s for a cupcake and a cortado, visit Gramercy Books, and vice versa. A big doorway easily connects the two!

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