Let’s All Go To The Movies!

July 31, 2017

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved going out to the movies. This is coming from a lifelong Star Wars fan (only 135 days until The Last Jedi) and a follower of nearly every blockbuster. Nothing beats the experience of a great story told on the big screen. So it was a no brainer when AMC Theatres invited us check out the new dine-in options at the theatre in Easton Town Center. Besides, Spider-Man: Homecoming was playing…

The AMC at Easton is located inside the Easton Station, the massive main building that looks like an old train station. Just take the long escalator up to the second floor, to get to the theatres themselves. You can purchase tickets at the kiosks down on the main floor. For the special dine-in theatres, I’d recommend reserving them online beforehand – even a day in advance. They have fewer seats (because they’re so much larger), so there’s a greater chance they’ll sell out ahead of time. I reserved ours online the night before, then pulled up the QR code in my confirmation e-mail to get us into the theatre.

AMC Theatres have revamped in recent years to expand their food options. At the Easton theatre (I’ve seen it at the Lennox, too), is MacGuffins bar, named after the object of pursuit that helps drive the movie plot (the secret plans, the stolen object, the artifact, you name it). But MacGuffins the bar features a full menu of beer, wine, and cocktails.

The dine-in movie theatres are in a separate section – to the right after you get off the escalators – from the regular movie theatres. Head down the hallway to your theatre, find your reserved seats, and shortly after a server arrives with menus.

The seats are large and plush. In most places there are only four or six to a row. The boys, of course, thought it was the greatest thing ever, to sit in giant seats with leg rests and swiveling trays and cup holders. There’s a lot to peruse on the menus, so I’d suggest giving yourself plenty of time before the movie starts to browse the food and drink offerings. There’s a huge selection of mixed drinks, bottled and draft beer (including seasonal selections), plus appetizers, salads, entrees, a kid’s menu, shakes, a full range of fountain sodas.

A server stopped in to check on us and take drink orders, then once we were ready to order food, we pushed the red button on one of our seats to call them. The menu isn’t fancy, but it covers what I would call “pub favorites.” Things like burgers, wings, quesadillas, poutine + fresh salads, a market charcuterie board, and a kid’s menu that offers the standards like mac and cheese, chicken tenders, etc. There’s also a selection of giant sundaes.

Here’s my Founders All Day IPA with a creepy-looking Michael Keaton in the background. (He makes for an excellent villain.)

It was difficult to take photos of food in the dark, because it arrived after the movie started (we ordered during the previews), but we wolfed it all down: the charcuterie board for Beth, fried shrimp for me, mac and cheese + fries for the boys.

Beth ordered up a cucumber lemonade from the drink menu.

The boys declared the evening a success! We’ve now ruined them for all further movie-going.

It’s an experience we’d certainly do again. The ticket prices are comparable to the regular theatres but your seats are reserved, and then you have the option for a full meal or just beverages and snacks being brought to you.

Want to give the AMC Easton dine-in options a try yourself? Comment on this post by midnight this Friday, August 4 with your favorite movie theatre snack, and be entered to win a $50 giftcard! UPDATE: the contest is closed! Thanks to everyone who entered. Mine favorite snack: peanut butter M&Ms or mozzarella sticks.

Disclaimer: tickets, food, and blog post were all sponsored by AMC Theatres. Photos and opinions are my own.

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