Fox in the Snow Cafe (German Village) | Columbus, OH

March 6, 2018

Fox in the Snow Cafe | Facebook | T: @fitscafe | IG: @foxinthesnowcafe
210 Thurman Ave. (map it!)
Columbus, OH 43206
Open Mon-Fri, 7a-5p; Sat & Sun, 8a-5p

Honestly, this one’s easy to write. We love Fox in the Snow, we love Jeff and Lauren, we love their team, and we love the product they put out together. We’ve been fans of the original Italian Village location since they opened in late 2014, so it was a real treat to see them open a second location in German Village.

If you’re familiar with the original location, you’ll find the German Village shop has a similar vibe, just in a different shape!

There are smaller tables throughout, plus a larger communal table near the back.

The building used to be the Thurmania Theatre, and they have an original movie ticket framed in glass.

Walking in the front door puts you into the line for the counter.

You’ll see all the usual suspects on display…

…chocolate morning buns…


…coffee cake, and much more.

All of it pairs well with their coffee and hot chocolate.

In this location, the counter is a square sitting in the middle of the space. The menu hangs off the center post.

The space is brightly lit and cozy, an ideal spot to catch up with friends while you enjoy a cappuccino.

What I appreciate most (aside from the food and drink), is the cafe’s focus on slowing down. There’s no wifi, there are no signs on the pastries, so you have to ask and actually engage a human in conversation. The counters and tables are lower so you can chat with the baristas and talk with your friends. We need more of this type of thing in the world.

My personal favorite item from Fox in the Snow is the blueberry honey cream danish. A lovely crisp crust, sweet (but not too sweet) honey cream, and tart blueberries.

It’s hard to beat their hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows, too. You can ask them to make it not-super-hot if you have kiddos in tow.

The other sides of the menu board feature fun quotes (often related to breakfast), plus the current date and the weather.

The long and short of it is, if you already know and love Fox in the Snow, you’ll love the new location just as much. If you don’t know Fox in the Snow, it’s time to get yourself to either location. Order a cappuccino and an egg sandwich (my goodness, that sandwich), pick out a donut or a cinnamon roll or a blueberry danish or an anything at all, then take time to relax and enjoy.

Congrats to Jeff and Lauren on the new digs!

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