For the Love of a Good Bagel: New Yorker Bagels

August 1, 2018

It’s hard to argue with a good bagel, right? A properly made bagel is so flexible. It’s lovely with butter or a smear of cream cheese, it’s a great vehicle for smoked or cured fish, or as the bookends for any type of sandwich.

We enjoy great bagels here in Columbus, but I’m always interested in more, especially if they’re proper New York style bagels. New York bagels are kettle boiled first before they’re baked. The double treatment gives them a lovely chewy texture on the inside, with a crisp and firm exterior. Proper New York style bagels are amazing fresh – some will argue they don’t even need to be toasted – but a good bagel will stand up to and, in my opinion, even be improved by a little toasting.

There’s one way to get real New York bagels, straight from New York City, without having to make the drive. The folks behind New Yorker Bagels have been making bagels for more than five decades; they bake them fresh and overnight them to you, so you can be the lucky recipient of one of these boxes!

New Yorker Bagels has a deep history in, well, New York bagels. The founders first started a bagel shop in Greenwich Village five decades ago. Twenty years ago they opened New Yorker Bagels as a wholesale-only business in Astoria, Queens. They bake and ship fresh bagels, made with no preservatives and kosher-certified, all over the lower 48 United States.

New Yorker Bagels kindly sent us a custom box with a mountain of fresh bagels. In addition to enjoying them, we’ve spread the love with friends, and have frozen the extras.

Their big custom boxes include up to six flavors. The bagels come organized together in cute little sleeves by the half dozen. They offer 22 different flavors, including mini bagels and bialys (which are baked but not boiled).

They ship Mondays through Thursdays, so if you want bagels for the weekend, order them by 1 p.m. EST Thursday.

Our bagel bounty included several different flavors, from this beautiful marbled rye to classic everything bagels. Sesame to poppyseed. Egg to pumpernickel. Apple cinnamon to French toast.

I love love love everything bagels. A giant toasted everything bagel, loaded with salt and seasoning and seeds, is the ideal bookend for a sandwich with turkey, mayo, provolone, and avocado. Or if your garden has gone into high gear with tomatoes, an everything bagel is perfect for BLTs.

Even simpler open-faced sandwiches with single toppings are excellent, like sliced avocado or a generous smear of cream cheese.

And I can’t resist a sesame seed bagel with butter on it. So simple, but so good.

Of course we’re feeling the bagel wealth, and we’ve loved everything we’ve tasted. The bagels arrived fresh (it’s overnighted by Fedex, so you can track them easily), but every flavor and texture has been on point. We’ve frozen some, given away many, and are enjoying these for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So let’s spread the bagel love! You can save yourself $5 off any order from now through the end of 2018. Just use the discount code BreakfastNick when you place your order.

NEW GIVEAWAY: want to win a custom box of three dozen?! Comment on this post by midnight this week Friday, November 2 with your favorite type of bagel topping, and you’ll be entered to win the random draw!

This post was sponsored by New Yorker Bagels. Photos and opinions are my own.

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