Snapshots Coffee & Kitchen | Newark, OH

August 12, 2019

Snapshots Coffee & Kitchen | Facebook | IG: @snapshotscoffeeandkitchen
1843 Cherry Valley Rd. (
map it!)
Newark, OH 43055
(740) 644-6557

Open Mon-Fri, 6:30a-1p; Sat, 8a-1p

Visited: Saturday, August 13, 2019 at 8:30 a.m.

We’re always game for new discoveries, especially those hidden gems or family-run spots slowly making a name for themselves. Back in August Licking County invited us to explore the region (read part one here), and directed us to the surprising and eclectic Snapshots Lounge for dinner.

While there, owner Lucas Atwood clued us in to his other concept: a coffee and biscuit shop located a few minutes away in Newark, called Snapshots Coffee & Kitchen, featuring biscuits created under the umbrella Biscuit Daddy. He even shared a couple biscuits as dessert, to whet our appetite.

And whet our appetite he did. Later that night we nibbled on a few of the biscuits, from the sweet strawberry or white chocolate and blueberry (my favorite), to the savory cheddar garlic and even a crabcake biscuit.

The next morning we sought out the biscuit shack, a small building aimed primarily at drive-through traffic, but with small dining area (seriously, it’s two tables) inside.

The menu is focused on coffee, tea, biscuits, and a couple sandwiches.

They offer flavored lattes and Americanos. The drip coffee is decently prepared, if a little bitter. It’s sourced from Stauf’s and One Line. (One Line’s roasting facility is located close by in Heath. Read about my visit to it!)

We selected one of the biscuit sandwiches, and the biscuits and gravy, which Lucas suggested we try.

You’d expect biscuits and gravy from a biscuit place would be top-notch, and Snapshots really pulls through on this one. The biscuit is soft, buttery, and holds its structure. The gravy is everything you want in a gravy: proper seasoning without getting too salty, big chunks of sausage, a thick texture that’s not goopy.

The sandwich, named The Punch, lives up to its name: a cheddar garlic biscuit, egg, more cheddar, and small chorizo patty with a kick. Not a huge sandwich, but it’s inexpensive and truly does pack a punch.

Snapshots Kitchen was a fun discovery. Lucas earns his title of Biscuit Daddy, and they create some delicious breakfasts. Very much worth seeking out if you’re in the Granville/Newark area!

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