Fay’s Crepes | Columbus, OH

September 1, 2020

[UPDATE: Fay’s has closed the Polaris location but opened a store at Easton and has a stall coming to Bubbly Hall in New Albany.]

Fay’s Crepes | Facebook | IG: @fayscrepes
1500 Polaris Pkwy. (second floor of Polaris Fashion Place) (map it!)
Columbus, OH 43240
(614) 906-2815

Open Mon-Sat, 11a-7p; Sun, 12-6p
Vegetarian/vegan/gluten free? Y/N/N
Kid-friendly? Y

Visited: Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 11 a.m.

Like many people, crepes engage very specific memories for me. Every crepe I encounter reminds me of the first one I ever tried, a Nutella-filled beauty bought from a street vendor at Covent Garden in London, way back in college. Since then we’ve dug into delicious crepes all over, and we always welcome another option.

Fay’s Crepes opened late last year in the Polaris Fashion Place food court, which has taken a delightful turn toward more local options recently: The Daily Growler, Taquero, What’s For Doner.

The crepe stand is named for its owner, Fayrus Abdi, who according to her bio on their Instagram page, was born to Somali parents in Saudi Arabia, raised in Sweden, went to school in London, and then moved to Ohio with her family. She used to run a coffee shop in Banadir Mall, where crepes were the best-seller. So she opened a creperie!

Fay’s concocts all sorts of sweet and savory crepes. They have a set featured menu, rotating specials, and you can customize your own.

The stand is open on three sides, so you can watch them spread the batter on the crepe pans.

Get a look at the start of the process!

Then watch them deftly flipping the golden brown crepes over.

And finishing them with your chosen toppings.

For our first visit, we tried:

  • the Banana and Nutella: the classic winning combination, with whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle
  • the Buckeye Crepe: a VERY SWEET concoction of Bavarian cream, Cap’n Crunch, crushed Reese’s Cups, peanut butter sauce. This one was a little too sugary for us, but if you’ve got a sweet tooth…
  • the Mexican Breakfast Crepe: the sign says it’s available Sundays, but they seem to be making it every day. It layers in plenty of cheese with scrambled eggs, salsa, and a cilantro lime sauce

On our next visit (and there will be one), I’m trying the creme brulee crepe cone, the spring veggie crepe, strawberries and cream, and cinnamon spread.

I think Fay’s is a fun addition to the Polaris food court, and I certainly love seeing more locally owned – and especially black-owned – options in the mall.

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