Find Your New Favorite at NeeHee’s Indian Vegetarian Street Food

January 26, 2022

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by NeeHee’s. Photos and opinions are our own.

Indian food is one of our constant cravings. We first really discovered it decades ago while studying abroad in London, and since that time we’ve tried almost every Indian spot in Columbus, from market stalls and food trucks to buffets and family-owned spots tucked in neighborhoods throughout the city.

So it was with great interest that we first approached NeeHee’s when it opened on Sawmill Road three years back.

From the outset, it’s clear that NeeHee’s is a slick operation, with its colorful menus on bright screens lining the walls, a clear flow of traffic, and abundant seating. NeeHee’s is a small regional chain, with a couple locations in eastern Michigan, one in Illinois, and this one in Dublin.

Their focus is on vegetarian Indian street food, although there are more flavors mixed in, including some Indo-Chinese specialties.

To be honest, the expansive menu, topping over 100 dishes, can be intimidating to navigate. You almost don’t know where to look on the menu. Fortunately, the servers we’ve encountered have been very helpful in suggesting items. And along the left wall as you enter the front doors, there are a series of large interactive menus you can scroll through, with images and descriptions of each dish. (Their online menu also includes great photos and descriptions.)

We’ve visited NeeHee’s a couple times before; on our first time there in the spring of 2019 we tried a dosa (which is like two feet long!) and a couple small dishes; this time around we were given a larger “tour” of their greatest hits.

We started with a couple different tastes. First was Chole Bhature (from the Meals portion of the menu), which originated as a northern Indian breakfast dish. It involves a wonderfully rich chickpea curry with bhature, a puffy fried flatbread that you tear apart and dip into it.

Second was Dahi Puri from the Street Chaat menu. They’re little crispy shells filled with potatoes, chickpeas, onion, and covered with a mint-cilantro chutney and beaten yogurt. The chutney and yogurt combine to produce textures that are both zesty and cooling at the same time.

One of our favorites from the meal was the Sandwich Dosa Wrap, from the Dosa Wraps menu. Dosas are thin lentil crepes, delicious on their own but just terrific in these sandwiches. This one is filled with potato-onion masala, onions, tomato, and mozzarella cheese. It’s served with sambhar, coconut chutney, and tomato-onion-peanut chutney – all perfect for dipping.

One of the showstoppers at NeeHee’s is the Special Gujarati Thali (from the Meals section), a platter that includes a variety of dips, curries, and sauces, along with rice, dosas, papad, and pickled veggies.

Our server helpfully gave us a tour of the dishes, some of which you can eat with a fork, others better tasted by mixing with rice and scooping up with dosas. There’s even a refreshing salad, a sweet yogurt dish, and a mango custard as dessert. It’s fun to share, but it’s a complete meal by itself.

And NeeHee’s menu keeps going from there! You’ll find kids’ dishes, Indo-Chinese favorites, a collection of “burgers” with potato dumplings on them, ice cream, and much more.

We’ve found every experience there to be welcoming and enjoyable. There’s always plenty of room, so it’s good for groups, and everything we’ve tasted has been wonderfully seasoned. We love a good bit of spice especially in the winter, and NeeHee’s is the place for it!

6080 Sawmill Rd.
Dublin, OH 43017
(614) 389-6304

Find them on Facebook and @neehees on Instagram

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by NeeHee’s. Photos and opinions are our own.

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