What’s Better at DK Diner: The Breakfast or the Donuts?

May 24, 2022

Grandview’s DK Diner is consistently rated one of the best breakfasts in Columbus. On top of that, they’re lauded has having some of the best donuts in Columbus. I know those best of lists can be subjective, but I’m comfortable saying it’s hard to tell which DK Diner does better: the donuts or the breakfast.

The “DK” in DK Diner stands for “Donut Kitchen,” and when Anthony Teny and his family took over the place many years ago, they kept up its winning streak of producing terrific donuts, made by hand every day.

One of my favorites – and I know many peoples’ choice for the single best donut in Columbus – is their sour cream old fashioned.

It strikes that ideal balance of sweet but not overly sweet, crumbly while holding its structure, caky but not dry.

And their whole menu is stacked with winners: the longjohns stuffed with cream, the chocolate and blueberry cake donuts, the apple fritters the size of softballs.


DK Diner doesn’t skimp on its breakfast menu, either. On our most recent visit, we were again impressed with everything we tried.

Case in point: the DK hash with chorizo. A rich bed of peppers, onions, and potatoes tossed with a zesty chorizo, topped with eggs cooked to order, avocado slices, chipotle hollandaise, and a side of toast. Well seasoned, great texture, filling. A+

The hot chicken and waffles looks sparse on the plate but is still filling. A couple dense waffles – almost Liege-style – paired with slices of a well-seasoned, Nashville-style chicken breast and a couple eggs.

And finally biscuits and gravy. A couple toasted, house-made biscuits, a heaping bowl of a delightfully peppery gravy, and your choice of breakfast meat, two eggs, or potatoes.

One of DK’s pandemic additions that seems here to stay is the giant tent out front. They’ve sacrificed a couple parking spots to expand their seating, which was often an issue with the space.

The front of the building is covered with awnings and filled with more seating. They’ve maybe doubled or even tripled their seating with the outdoor spaces.

There’s a reason DK is so busy, especially on weekends! So I throw out the question to you: what’s better, their donuts or their breakfast? It’s hard to choose between the two, but I guess that just gives you double the reason to visit soon.

DK Diner
1715 W. Third Ave.
Grandview Heights, OH 43212
(614) 488-5160

Find them on Facebook, @dkdiner on Twitter, @thedkdiner on Instagram

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