Fortitude Bakehouse is the Best Bakery in London

April 19, 2023

Is it weird that one of the highlights of our recent trip to London was the neighborhood bakery? In doing our research for fun places to eat, we found multiple sources that directed us to a little coffee shop and bakery in Bloomsbury, close to our AirBnb, and it didn’t take long to form our opinion that Fortitude Bakehouse is one of the best bakeries in London.

Fortitude is located down a cobblestone alley in Bloomsbury, just around the block from the Russell Square Tube stop. It’s identifiable by the tall, deep blue doors and the little white sign, plus the small crowd gathered out front on a pair of benches.

Step in through the doors and you’ll find a warm, bustling bakery. Trays of fresh pastries greet you, while beyond them the team hurries about kneading dough, filling beignets, pulling trays out of the ovens, stuffing savories, and wrapping up sandwiches. You’ll be offered a friendly greeting and asked for your order.

The selection rotates daily, but from our 5-6 visits (yes, over the course of our eight days in town), we think it’s safe to say you can’t go wrong with anything you choose – sweet or savory.

The savory puff pastries and scones rotated with fillings like cheese and paprika, feta and spinach, cheese and leek.

Some are stuffed with sausage and vegetables.

One day we sampled this beautiful chicken salad sandwich loaded with grilled chicken and greens.

The shop features a full espresso bar, too. As you place your order, you’re asked for coffee and tea selections before you work your way to the end of the line.

They’ll wrap your pastries to go, and you can carry them with you, find a seat on the benches outside, or simply stand in the alley and feast.

All the pastries are very reasonably priced, especially given the quality, and very filling. Get a look at these sausage rolls!

We circled back many times to the chocolate cinnamon rolls and the morning buns stuffed with jam and custard.

Here’s that chicken salad sandwich again and one of the stuffed beignets.

On one of our weekend visits they featured a gorgeous croque madame with bacon, cheese, and a golden egg yolk in a savory puff pastry.

Fortitude is open seven days a week, starting at 7:30 a.m. on weekdays and 8:30 a.m. on weekends. Expect a bit of a line on weekends. We noticed the shop was popular with a lot of cycling groups who would arrive en masse.

The next time we get to London, and wherever we end up staying in the city, you can be 100% sure we’ll find our way back to Fortitude.

Fortitude Bakehouse
35 Colonnade, Bloomsbury
London WC1N 1JD, United Kingdom
44 20 7837 5456

IG: @fortitudebakehouse

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