Kura Revolving Sushi Bar Opening Columbus Location Soon

January 8, 2024

A location of Kura Revolving Sushi Bar is set to hold its grand opening on Sunday, Jan. 14 in Columbus outside Polaris Fashion Place. Kura first opened in Japan in 1977, and now includes over 500 locations across the world. This location is not only the first in Columbus but the first in Ohio.

We visited the Pittsburgh location in the Southside Works neighborhood in early November, and the whole experience was simply delightful.

The charming gimmick of Kura are the conveyor belts located between booths that ferry a huge variety of small plates. Guests simply grab plates as they’re passing, enjoy the food, then deposit the plates in a slot just below the belt. The system records the meal and adds it to your bill.

A variety of plates go whizzing by. Posted menus and a searchable menu on your screen let you peruse the full offerings and learn more about each dish.

A server will help get you situated, explain the format, and check in throughout the meal.

It’s a blast selecting dishes as a group.

But sometimes you have to be quick!

If certain plates don’t come by, you can always request them for your table.

Drinks and other little snacks are ordered on your screen, then delivered to the table by robot!

The robots play music, sound effects, and even talk a little as they bustle around the restaurant.

In addition to the sushi delivered along the conveyor belt, you can order noodle dishes like ramen and udon, plus custom bites, desserts, and more. These individual items are zoomed directly to your table via an upper conveyor belt. You order on your screen, and then the computer warns you when the item is about to arrive.

All the while, the screen above your table plays games, features animations, and other interactive pieces.

As you finish plates and deposit them in the slot, your total is tallied live. To make more of a game of it, they give you little prizes as you finish a certain number of dishes. (It’s a brilliant tactic, because it encourages you to order maybe just one or two more plates to earn a prize.)

The menu also features desserts like mochi!

The restaurant itself is always buzzing with activity. It’s mesmerizing just to watch the conveyor belts of sushi and stacked plates. You can see it in action here!

According to its Google listing, Kura Revolving Sushi Bar celebrates its grand opening on Sunday, Jan. 14 at 8833 Lyra Dr. outside Polaris Fashion Place.

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar
8833 Lyra Dr.
Columbus, OH 43240

Web: kurasushi.com/locations/columbus-oh
FB: Kura Revolving Sushi Bar
IG: kurasushi_usa

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