Upstairs Pancakes is Amsterdam’s Tiniest Pancake House

April 24, 2024

If you’re traveling to Amsterdam and looking for fun eats, you will undoubtedly have multiple recommendations for pancake houses. They’re popular dining spots throughout the city, and one of the most unique options is Upstairs Pannenkoekenhuis, or Upstairs Pancakes, a tiny, second-floor pancake house near the Grimburgwal canal!

Upstairs Pancakes has become an Instagram darling because of its tiny location, kitschy teapot decor, beautiful pancakes, and difficulty to get into! Their website claims they’re the smallest pancake house in Europe, with four tables seating 18 total (although it seemed like less than that to us!).

They’re also cash only, and you have to make a reservation by phone a week before your visit. Our first day in Amsterdam was a Monday, so I had to call the Monday prior, and by the time I called they only had a few spots left for the day.

Upstairs Pancakes has been open since 1961, although their building dates back to the 1530s (!). Because of space limitations and odd tax restrictions in centuries back, most buildings in Amsterdam are tall and narrow. So the stairs to the restaurant are more like climbing a ladder. Once you climb up them, you’re literally standing in the restaurant, a single room that includes the dining area and kitchen.

Obviously pancakes are the name of the game here, so the menu features dozens of sweet and savory varieties, plus a small selection of hot and cold drinks.

After a busy and chilly first day exploring the city, we warmed up with hot chocolate milk with whipped cream.

And then our plate-sized pancakes arrived! Dutch pancakes are giant, generally served in a single portion with generous toppings, and thinner like crepes.

Check out the bananas with chocolate sauce.

Or the apples and cinnamon pancake! This is one of my favorite combos. All pancakes are served with icing sugar (aka powdered sugar) and a dollop of homemade cream.

Here’s the straightforward pancake with chocolate sauce.

And one of the real standouts of the meal, the Kai specialty pancake with bacon, brie, and honey. It’s delightfully savory without being too salty.

Overall, we enjoyed the pancakes! Strangely enough, even with the limited number of seats, it took a little while to get our pancakes, and while the chocolate sauce one was a touch burned, the pancakes were beautiful and fun to eat!

Then it was just a question of safely making it back down the stairs…

Upstairs Pancakes is open Monday-Saturday, noon to 6 p.m., and Sunday, noon to 5 p.m.

Upstairs Pannenkoekenhuis
Grimburgwal 2

1012 GA Amsterdam, Netherlands
31 20 626 5603

FB: Upstairs Pannenkoeken
IG: @upstairspancakes

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