Going to New York City!

January 26, 2010

Hello, Breakfasters! We’re heading to New York City this week on a mini-vacation with some dear friends. I have a few breakfast choices and possibilities lined up – definitely stops at City Bakery for a pretzel croissant and Magnolia Bakery (to mack on some cupcakes!). I’ve had a number of people suggest Sarabeth’s, so we might hit that up. Or Veselka for some Ukrainian diner food. We’ve also had suggestions of dim sum in Chinatown (a form of breakfast/brunch, I’ve learned). But I definitely have my eye on Kitchenette, just around the corner from our hotel. I’m open to any other suggestions, too!

I’ll try to update here as I find things, but at the very least expect a series of posts on breakfast in New York City!

Once we get back to Columbus, I’ll have research to do for an article on Columbus diners…

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