Photos: Real Food Cafe expansion

October 25, 2010

Some quick photos from Real Food Cafe in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is my hometown stop. Whenever we visit family up in GR, we may at least one visit to Real Food. I just snapped a couple pictures of their space as they’re expanding the restaurant. You can see the expanded space to the left, and some new signage up front.

Here’s the space as it exists, although the counter has been lengthened (see the bottom right corner). There may be a bakery display case coming, at least so I’ve heard.

Die hard Real Foodies (like that?) are familiar with a Saturday morning wait. The expansion includes a new waiting area, which is handy for breakfasters seated up front. No more waiting crowds standing around your table.

And eventually the new seating area will open. Word is that they’re just waiting for tables and chairs to arrive. This should add about 20 seats to the restaurant. So if the line has ever kept you away from Real Food, you will no longer have an excuse!

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