Yeah, Me Too | Columbus, OH

June 14, 2011

Yeah, Me Too
3005 Indianola Ave. (map it!)
Columbus, OH 43202

Open Mon-Sat 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.?
Accepts cash only

Date of Visit: Often

IMPRESSIONS: If you’ve read anything about Yeah, Me Too, people have probably said the following: there’s no phone number, no website, no Facebook page, no Twitter handle. You can order coffee hot or iced, large or small. And that’s it. By some regards, it’s incredible that someone would run a business today in this manner. Eclipsing that, however, is the relief that Yeah, Me Too is so uncomplicated that it’s hard to mess it up. The result, in my opinion, is the best coffee in Columbus.

Yeah, Me Too also represents a bit of Columbus history. Owners Jovan Karcic and Sam Brown were both members of the band Gaunt, often cited as the best band ever to come out of Columbus. The band’s run ended tragically in 2001 with the death of lead singer Jerry Wick. The shop, opened in 2005, is named after one of the band’s albums.

ATMOSPHERE: The coffee shop is one room. Big front windows let in most of the light. The back portion holds the coffee and brewing supplies. The front is a small standing area for customers, and includes the roaster itself.

The room gets fairly warm in the summer, although a screen door lets a breeze in; I don’t think they turn the heat on in the winter.

The single room could be bland, but the walls are always covered with the work of local artists.

FOOD: They just serve coffee, and it’s always excellent. Cream and sugar are present, but more often than not, you don’t need it. You can ask which roast they’re brewing each day, but I rarely do, because I always enjoy it. You can (and should) also buy whole beans by the pound. The selection rotates regularly.

SERVICE: For some people, the service is a sticking point. Yovan and Sam are nice, but not always very talkative, and some have said it’s off-putting. Again, as many have observed, this is the complete antithesis of the modern coffee shop. If you really really really like the way Starbucks does everything, then Yeah, Me Too might not be your best bet. But if you just want a great cup of coffee, dangit, and you don’t care about all the extras, you need to become a regular at Yeah, Me Too. Besides, I’ve always had good experiences in chatting with Sam and Yovan.

OVERALL: It’s just the best coffee in Columbus. That’s it. Stop in for a cup of coffee (you can bring your own mug) or pick up some beans to brew at home.

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