Three To Try: Busting Out The Bagels

November 13, 2015


A couple weeks back I wrote a round-up about bagels new and old for Columbus Alive, and since then I’ve had bagels on my mind. So here we are with Three To Try: Busting Out The Bagels.

1. Sammy’s New York Bagels – I’m still surprised more people don’t know about Sammy’s. Or rather, that they don’t know you can get Sammy’s delivered. To your home. Sammy’s makes authentic New York style water bagels (Sammy is from New Jersey and used to deliver bagels around Manhattan); they supply big accounts like Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Ohio State, etc. But you can order home delivery online through their site. Order by 3pm the day before (3pm Friday for weekend deliveries HIIIIIIIINT), minimum order is a dozen, select from 20+ flavors, and BOOM: fresh bagels on your front porch. (Bonus: look behind the scenes at Sammy’s with this blog post.)

2. Block’s Bagels – Block’s and Sammy’s compete for the title of best authentic old school bagels, and they’re pretty much neck-in-neck. Block’s supplies about as many places as Sammy’s does, but instead of delivery they have a couple delis you can visit for a full breakfast. Put their bagels to use with lox, corned beef, or cream cheese.

3. Izzy & Mo’s Luncheonette – Izzy & Mo’s offers the new old school. Chef and owner Magdiale Wolmark is drawing on childhood recipes (the place is named after his parents) to recreate Jewish-style classics. Amongst his offerings are three types of bagels: the traditional New York style, the pretzel twist-like Jerusalem style, and the more focaccia-like bialy. They’re great in the breakfast sandwiches or topped with cream cheeses like the caviar or the pimento.

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