Three To Try: A Shortcut to Mushrooms

March 25, 2016


I’ve been on a mushroom kick lately. I’ve realized I don’t appreciate them enough, but recent dining experiences have reminded me how great they can be. Which brings us to this week’s Three To Try: A Shortcut To Mushrooms.

1. Lineage Brewing – Lineage debuted a weekend brunch recently; we visited last weekend, so look for a review next week! One highlight (of an altogether great meal) was their English mushrooms on toast. It’s actually part of the regular menu, but I’d recommend using it as a hook to get you in for brunch.

2. Pistacia Vera – I think we’ve all had too many dry and crumbling quiches. But when they’re done well, they’re a work of art: creamy eggs, a perfect blend of ingredients, a crisp but not disintegrating crust. Mushrooms in particular play nicely with quiche, and Pistacia Vera has a stellar example with crimini and shitake mushrooms on their brunch menu.

3. Basi Italia – Okay, it’s not breakfast, but it’s a remarkable dish that’s stuck with me recently. Mrs. Breakfast With Nick and I went to Basi for her birthday dinner, and their chicken cannelloni just blew our minds (the whole meal was great, really). It used large slices of wild mushrooms, a creamy basil pesto, and sundried tomatoes. Everything about it was spot-on, from the seasoning to the texture. It was one of those meals where you use the extra bread to soak up the sauce.

Last week’s Three To Try: Mrs. Breakfast With Nick

Need more breakfast ideas? Read other Three To Try options or re-visit the List of Reviews. Happy Breakfasting and Happy Easter!

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