Three To Try: Mrs. Breakfast With Nick

March 11, 2016


Without my wife, there would be no Breakfast With Nick. It would just be an idea floating around at the back of my mind. Or it would be a blog, but poorly written and poorly photographed. It just wouldn’t be fun to do. I’m lucky not to be doing this alone, and by “this” I mean both the blog and life in general.

Here’s the thing: today is Mrs. Breakfast With Nick’s birthday. If you see her, wish her happy birthday. This week’s Three To Try focuses on three spots that make me think of my lovely wife and this fun adventure we’re on together.

1. One Line Coffee – Mick and all the crew at One Line are our heroes. We make any excuse to stop in there. They make the best cappuccino in the city, which is one of Mrs. Breakfast With Nick’s favorite coffee drinks.

2. Sunflower Chinese Restaurant & Lounge – I owe her another trip for dim sum. We first experienced true dim sum together with friends in New York City, where we were overwhelmed by the massive Jing Fong, the only caucasians in a roomful of Asian folks enjoying Sunday dim sum. Sunflower is pretty much the only spot in Columbus to get real dim sum on weekends, the kind where the ladies roll the carts up tableside and let you pick out small plates.

3. Third & Hollywood – We ate here on assignment from the Dispatch, and had such a lovely time with the boys. Some light jazz, cheesy biscuits with a pimento cheese spread, steak & eggs, and a Bloody Mary that made her say “that’s how I want all my Bloody Mary’s to taste.”

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Need more breakfast ideas? Read other Three To Try options or re-visit the List of Reviews. Happy Breakfasting!

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