Peace, Love, & Little Donuts | Worthington, OH

August 25, 2017

Peace, Love and Little Donuts | Facebook | IG: @plldcolumbus
656 High St. (map it!)
Worthington, OH 43085
(614) 396-6503
Open Mon-Thurs, 7a-6p; Fri & Sat, 8a-5p; Sun, 8a-2p
Vegetarian/vegan/gluten free? Y/N/N
Kid-friendly? Y

The world can always use more donuts, right? Well, Old Worthington got its own donut shop recently when one of the narrow storefronts on High Street was converted to a Peace, Love and Little Donuts, the first central Ohio outpost of a small chain originating from Pittsburgh’s Strip District.

The theme – in case you couldn’t tell from the name – is a peaced-out hippy vibe. You’ll see bright colors, lots of tie-dye, and even a cutout hippy flashing the peace sign to welcome you at the door.

Much like Duck Donuts or The Little Donut Shop, Peace, Love, etc. fries up one base type of donut and then let’s you go nuts with the toppings.

The menu is grouped into Groovy (powdered or plain), Far Out (just frosted), or Funkadelic (frosting + whatever else), with pricing for individual, half dozen, or full dozen donuts.

You enter the space from the front, pass a small seating area, and then make your way down the line. An employee will walk you through your order. We’ve found it’s best to look at all the displays and make your picks from there. If you’re in a group, it’s easy to assemble a dozen or half dozen of everyone’s favorites.

And it’s fun to watch them make your donuts to order. Freshly fried donuts are continually coming off the line, and the employees snatch them up and begin dipping or frosting or powdering them.

And part of the fun is watching them make your donuts.

You pay at the register at the end, maybe add a milk or juice or soda, and then voila: a colorful box of donuts.

You can stick around and enjoy them or head out front, where there’s some patio space along High Street.

And then, the spoils of war. These donuts are little (hence the “Little Donuts” in the name), but they’re colorful and sweet. I’m fond of anything chocolate, especially chocolate frosting dipped in chocolate chips, and I was partial to the blueberry pancake donut (upper right).

They make for a fun addition to the neighborhood. And if you need ideas for other stops around Worthington, you can consult my guide…

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