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May 22, 2018

Stauf’s Coffee Roasters | Facebook | T: @staufs | IG: @staufs_coffee
1277 Grandview Ave. (map it!)
Columbus, OH 43212
(614) 486-4861
Open Mon-Fri, 6:30a-10p; Sat, 7a-10p; Sun, 8a-10p (bfast served 8a-3p daily)

I often consider Stauf’s the OG of coffee roasting in Columbus. They’ve been roasting and supplying restaurants and shops for more than two decades, and many of the other coffee roasters have either worked at Stauf’s or been influenced by them. And one of Stauf’s original shops can be found on Grandview Avenue, smack dab in the stretch that includes Jeni’s, the Grandview Theater, Candle Lab, Spagio, and more.

Last month we had the pleasure of visiting Stauf’s to try their new breakfast menu and write about it for the Columbus Dispatch. (Check out the review here!) We wanted to share some additional thoughts and our own photos!

Although Stauf’s has grown and changed over the past years – revamping their German Village location, adding the stall in the North Market, expanding to the Idea Foundry and to the View on Grant – the Grandview store feels much the same. It’s split into two rooms, carpeted on one half, creaky wooden floors on the other, with seating scattered throughout.

The main room houses the long coffee bar, with tall chalkboard menus and display cases of house baked goods.

The recent menu revamp includes breakfast and lunch served daily from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The breakfast portions spans seven items total, not including sweets and bagels.

And the coffee offerings include everything from pour overs to espresso to flavored lattes and iced drinks. They span both second and third wave coffee styles: foamy lattes with pumps of syrup on one end and single origin espresso on the other.

We ordered up a cappuccino to go with breakfast.

And then split four dishes amongst the table.

First off, the breakfast sandwich. You can build it with a biscuit, a bagel, or bread from Omega Artisan Bakery in North Market. We opted for the bread, which is toasted in two long, narrow slices with eggs, cheese, and your choice of avocado, bacon, or sausage.

The shape is a little odd, so maybe next time we’d do the bagel or biscuit, but the sandwich is filling nonetheless.

You can order plain or pecan waffles; we chose the plain. True to its name, it’s pretty simple and decently crispy. It comes with a cup of maple syrup.

The Morning Hash was one of our favorites. You build it on a base of redskin or sweet potatoes (or a mix of both, like we did), then add mushrooms, peppers, onions, over easy eggs, and scallions, and again the choice of avocado, bacon, or sausage. It’s hearty and well seasoned.

Same with the omelet. You can choose from four different styles, from a classic Denver omelet to a spinach and feta to one with pico de gallo and cheddar. This is the Baba Budan with bacon, spinach, mushrooms, roasted garlic, and gouda. It comes with a side of hash (sweet potato or redskin) and toast. Omelets aren’t my first pick, and while this one was a tad dry, I really appreciated the mix of flavors. I’d easily order it again.

Of course, you can spend some time browsing beans at the shop, too.

Stauf’s roasts an incredible variety of beans, from single origin coffees to flavored blends. I suggest picking up a pound or two before you go. They can also grind it for you, if you like.

Clearly Stauf’s has proven its staying power. I was pleased to see the shop so crowded that Sunday afternoon with people studying, working, just having coffee with friends, or sampling breakfast.

Disclaimer: this meal was paid for as part of a Columbus Dispatch review.

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