Cosecha Cocina | Columbus, OH

January 16, 2019

[UPDATE May 2020: Cosecha has CLOSED.]

Cosecha Cocina | Facebook |T: @cosechacolumbus | IG: @cosechacolumbus
987 N. Fourth St. (
map it!)
Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 369-1129

Open Mon-Thurs, 11a-10p, Fri & Sat, 11a-11p; Sun, 11-3p (brunch served Sat & Sun, 11a-3p)

Visited: Saturday, December 22, 2018 at 11 a.m.

We fell in love pretty quickly with Cosecha when it opened in early 2017 for many reasons: a trusted restaurant group (the folks behind Harvest Pizzeria, The Sycamore, and the now-gone Salt & Pine). Modern Mexican cuisine. A beautiful location in a renovated brick dairy barn.

So it was an added bonus when Cosecha (which means “harvest” in Spanish) added brunch in late 2018, and invited us in to try it!

Cosecha brought to life an old brick barn in the booming stretch of Fourth Street in Italian Village. It’s within blocks of Hoof Hearted Brewing, Fox in the Snow, Seventh Son Brewing.

They did an impressive job with the space, marrying modern amenities with the original exposed brick wall and other architectural details. It’s also hard to beat the patio out front.

The space is split in half. On your right, as you enter the building, is the bar. It extends through most of the space. There’s a small lounge area near the front, plus a series of cab tables along the inner wall. On the left is the main dining room.

Whether you’re coming for lunch, brunch, or dinner, make a point to try the verde salsa. It’s very well composed.

And if you need to be sold on it further: Alton Brown praised it as one of the best salsas he’s ever tasted. Read about his experience and see his Food Network clip on it here.

Cosecha’s cocktail menu is always interesting. It typically features a selection of margaritas plus a few more house creations. The brunch menu includes a Michelada, the Pineapple Express (with pineapple rum and cold brew), the Tepache Refrescos (with Pacifico or Cava and pineapple soda – highly recommended), and of course a Bloody Maria. This one was nicely balanced, with a touch of smokey chipotle.

Their quesos are an easy win as well.

One of our favorites from the brunch menu was the molletes. Molletes are traditionally an open-faced sandwich with beans, cheese, and hot sauce.

Cosecha’s version stood out because of its emphasis on vegetables and fairly bold spicing. The torta is layered with roasted vegetables, a black bean puree, soft scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, queso fresco, and a rich chipotle aioli. It comes with a side of crispy and well seasoned potatoes.

Special props to the bacon rubbed with chorizo spices. That’s like combining two of my favorite things.

Our boys tucked into the masa waffles with pollo frito. I wanted a little punchier and saltier seasoning on the chicken, but it’s improved when I tasted it on later visits.

I’d recommend it if you’re the chicken-and-waffles type like me. Cosecha puts their own twists on it, from the syrup infused with guajillo peppers to the use of chicken thighs (flavorful dark meat!) to the salsa matcha (chilis fried in oil) poured over the top.

Chilaquiles are usually one of my favorite breakfast dishes, and Cosecha’s offers an interesting twist by simmering the tortilla chips in a strong salsa verde. We added carnitas, which were tender and just a touch gamey for my taste. But it was balanced out by the rich verde sauce, pico de gallo, queso fresco, and the over easy egg.

Finally, the churro’d bread pudding should please any bruncher with a sweet tooth.

What’s not to like? The dense and spongy square is topped with fried almonds, a cinnamon crumble, and a smear of chipotle chocolate. It’s not subtle, but as you can imagine it disappeared quickly.

All in all, brunch is a solid addition to Cosecha’s already strong offerings. We appreciate that Cosecha invited us to try it, and we’re certainly looking forward to return visits! Next time there, I plan to dive into the huevos rancheros and the chimichanga.

One bonus worth mentioning: we loved the artwork on the walls. It was great by an employee, Zak Burgess, and pieces are for sale!

Disclaimer: a majority of this meal was comped by Cosecha. Photos and opinions are our own.

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