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May 8, 2019

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Buckeye Bean Box. Photos and opinions are our own.

UPDATE: Buckeye Bean Box seems to have closed up shop.

I didn’t start drinking coffee until graduate school, but in the intervening years I have fully embraced the fact that, yes, I’m one of THOSE people who needs coffee in the morning. And not just any coffee. Good coffee. Like, full-on, snobby, I-won’t-drink-it-if-it’s-not-good coffee. I just lean into it. Case in point: I recently brought a bottle of homemade cold brew to a Cub Scout campout. #sorrynotsorry

At the same time, I don’t really subscribe to the “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” mentality. Coffee is fun. Our morning ritual has evolved to include the fun of preparing coffee and sharing it. I love a hot French press or pour over during the chilly months, or a cool glass of cold brew in the summer. And part of the enjoyment is savoring the fruits of Ohio coffee roasters’ labors.

Enter Buckeye Bean Box!

Buckeye Bean Box is a new coffee subscription service featuring all Ohio-owned coffee roasters. Each month, you get a box with two 12-ounce bags of freshly roasted, whole bean coffee from Ohio roasters. You can choose to get light or dark roast, decaf, or a split of light and dark roast.

Shipping is free on the boxes, and they work with notable Ohio roasters like:

  • Florin Coffee
  • Stauf’s Coffee Roasters
  • Bent Tree Coffee Roasters
  • Deeper Roots Coffee
  • Hemisphere Coffee Roasters
  • Mission Coffee Co.
  • Ramble Coffee
  • One Line Coffee
  • Actual Coffee Roasting Company

If you’re like us, you’ll appreciate the opportunity to try different Ohio roasters on a regular basis. We’re always whipping up batches of cold brew, making pour overs, French presses, you name it. Like I said, WE LIKE OUR COFFEE.

We’ve learned over the years that a pour over is one of the best ways to really taste a coffee. A pour over is a single cup preparation of ground coffee in a funnel with a paper filter. Because of the filter, the resulting cup is cleaner than a shot of espresso or a French press, but it still highlights the complex flavor profile of the coffee.

This is the fun of a coffee subscription like Buckeye Bean Box, getting to taste our way through a variety of beans each month via pour over.

Pour overs are pretty simple to create, although they’re best done with some special equipment. I use a kettle with a long spout for better control, and grind about 25 grams of coffee for 300-350 grams of water. I’ve learned about the art of the pour over from the folks at One Line Coffee, Fox in the Snow, and Crimson Cup. You can read more about pours over here.

Beth makes some beautiful ceramic pour over funnels, so we use those + paper filters for our pour overs.

The result: a rich and flavorful cup of Ohio roasted coffee!

You can sign up for a Buckeye Bean Box subscription on their website:

Subscriptions are $35 per month (includes shipping), and each shipment includes two coffees, a card with profiles of the roasters and their beans, coffee brewing tips, and other helpful info. You can even give subscriptions as gifts and partner with Buckeye Bean Box on fundraisers.

This post was sponsored by Buckeye Bean Box. Photos and opinions are our own.

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