Panaderia Mi Pueblo | Columbus, OH

October 15, 2019

Panaderia Mi Pueblo
1265 Morse Rd. (inside Saraga Market) (
map it!)
Columbus, OH 43229
(614) 447-8242

I’m still getting to know the Mexican bakeries around Columbus, and the style/offerings of Mexican bakeries in general, but I’m excited to share what I’ve encountered so far. For starters, we’ve gotten to love Panaderia Mi Pueblo, a small bakery inside Saraga Market on Morse Road.

We head to Saraga fairly regularly for groceries, but also to visit Momo Ghar. The popular dumpling stall got its start in the market (and pssst, if you watch their segment on Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives, you’ll spot yours truly for a few seconds).

After every visit to Momo Ghar, we detour past the panaderia to pick up a few donuts and pastries. I mean, it’s impossible to miss all the gorgeous displays, so you may find yourself automatically drawn to it anyway.

Like most Mexican bakeries that I’ve encountered, it’s self-service. You grab a tray and a set of tongs, then work your way through the glass-doored cases. There are descriptive picture menus above each section to assist you.

Everything is stunning, and in our multiple visits, I can’t say we’ve had anything bad.

There are a variety of donuts, some filled and some simply frosted.

You’ll see plenty of sweet bread rolls called conchas, named for their resemblance to the shell.

My first love is the donuts, of course, all gigantic in size.

In my experience, the lovely thing about the confections I’ve encountered at Mexican bakeries is that they’re sweet, but much more balanced than typical American pastries. Meaning they’re not so over-loaded with sugar that your teeth hurt. Instead, they’re a little more nuanced and a little less overwhelming to eat.

Panaderia Mi Pueblo is a full bakery, too, so it’s not just about donuts. There are cakes, cookies, cupcakes, flan cakes (which are just like they sound), rolls, you name it.

After you collect your goodies, head to the counter to drop off your tray and tongs, and pay. They accept both cash and credit/debit cards.

If you’re looking for some new dessert ideas, or are shopping at Saraga, be sure to stop by!

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