Fox in the Snow Cafe | New Albany, OH

February 17, 2020

Fox in the Snow Cafe | Facebook | IG: @foxinthesnowcafe
160 W. Main St. (map it!)
New Albany, OH 43054

Open Mon-Fri, 7a-5p; Sat & Sun, 8a-5p

Look, Fox in the Snow is an easy sell for us. We’ve loved their first two cafes in Italian Village and German Village, and even though we’re several months late to the game, we’ve here to love on the newest cafe, too.

The New Albany branch works just like the other locations, and like the first two cafes, this one blends a light industrial feel with warm natural woods and highlights of greenery. Order your coffee, pastries, and breakfast sandwiches at the counter, grab a number, and have a seat.

The space is long and narrow, with community tables running down the middle and two- and four-tops lining the walls.

We dug into old favorites and a new taste or two.

Lauren recently added giant chocolate chip cookies to the menu. They’re big and puffy, and when you crack them open the chocolate chips are soft and gooey. They brought back memories of my mom baking cookies from the Nestle Tollhouse recipe.

Always, always down for a cappuccino.

And that sandwich. Every time I have one, I wonder, “Is it really THAT good?” And every time I’m reminded, “Yes. Yes, it is.” (They just started offering gluten free bread for the sandwiches, too.)

We ordered one and then the boys ate most of it so we ordered another.

Find the New Albany Fox in the Snow at the roundabout on the intersection of Market and Main streets.

What can we say? If you already love Fox in the Snow, then you’ll already love this new location, too.

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