Winston’s Coffee & Waffles | Columbus, OH

October 27, 2020

Winston’s Coffee & Waffles | Facebook | IG: @winstonscoffeeandwaffles
3589 Indianola Ave. (map it!)
Columbus, OH 43214
(614) 266-6257

Open Tues-Wed, 7a-1p; Thurs-Fri, 7a-2p; Sat-Sun 8-2p

2020 has been a rough year for restaurants, but I see glimmers of hope in the new places continuing to open in creative and engaging ways.

Add to the list: a new Clintonville food truck serving coffee and two types of waffles! Winston’s – named for the famed British prime minister – has set up shop in the empty lot on Indianola across from Weiland’s Market.

The positioning is pretty ideal: highly visible, tall signage, with parking spaces and enough room for a drive-through (!).

True to their name, Winston’s features, yes – coffee and waffles. Coffee is supplied by Crimson Cup, and includes a full roster of brewed coffee, espresso, and iced drinks. We’ve enjoyed the iced mocha and cortados.

The waffle menu is split into two sections: Common Style and Crown Style. Common Style are classic malted waffles (think of what you get at a restaurant when you order a Belgian waffle), while Crown Style are the dense, sugary Liege-style waffles (fans of Taste of Belgium will be familiar with those).

We’ve visited the truck a few times now, and can give it a hearty thumbs up.

The malted waffles come in a sweet variety with just maple syrup, or four savory servings with ingredients mixed into the batter. I think this is a creative and effective way to tinker around with different flavors.

For example: The Empire. It’s like a breakfast sandwich in waffle form, with Weiland’s sausage in the batter and topped with cheddar, romaine, mayo, and a fried egg. I really dug the sausage in this one.

A recurring favorite for us is The Northampton, stuffed with buffalo chicken and topped with bleu cheese, red onion, celery, and a buffalo mayo.

The Southampton is Winston’s take on chicken and waffles, with chicken in the batter, plus butter, green onions, and a side of syrup. Generally good flavoring, although I wanted a little more saltiness from the chicken in the batter.

Also, kudos to the clever naming… the NORTHampton has buffalo chicken while the SOUTHampton is chicken and waffles.

Another standout for me is The Mod, like a burger in waffle form. Again the great Weiland’s sausage in the batter, then covered in cheddar, romaine, excellent sweet pickles, and “Winston’s sauce.”

The sweets don’t disappoint either. The classic Liege-style waffle, known as The Duke, is well executed, with that dense, caramelized batter. Easy handheld treat.

The Duchess, then, is gussied up with whipped cream, while The Queen gets whipped cream and fresh fruit.

The King, pictured here, is covered in Nutella, whipped cream, and banana chips. I prefer the texture of fresh banana slices, but the chips are a clever shortcut that still deliver complementary flavors.

Welcome to the neighborhood and to the Columbus food scene, Winston’s! You’re a creative addition to the city’s breakfast options, and I hope you’re well-embraced.

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