10 Columbus Summer Beers To Sip

August 3, 2021

Look, I know we’re into August and school is on the horizon, but a.) it’s still technically summer, and b.) the weather is warm enough that a nice, crisp Columbus beer to enjoy on a patio, deck, or any gathering with friends is still perfectly in season. Here are 10 I’ve been loving lately.

Columbus Brewing Company | Technicolor Hat

Citrus IPA / 6.9% ABV

While CBC’s Summer Teeth has been their classic warm weather offering, my favorite lately has been Technicolor Hat, a lightly sweet, crisp IPA with just the right touch of citrus.

More info: columbusbrewing.com/beers/seasonal/technicolorhat/

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing | Hefe & Wedge

Hefeweizen | 5.2% ABV

As a treat last year, I bought myself a mixed case of 24 WRB beers, and my favorite of the lot was Hefe & Wedge, a hefeweizen infused with orange peel.

More info: store.wolfsridgebrewing.com/products/hefe-wedge

Getaway Brewing | Bungalow IPA

IPA | 7% ABV

Getaway is one of the wonderful new additions to the brewing scene this year. Their vibe is relaxing airport lounge. The Bugalow IPA blends tropical fruits and a hoppy punch.

More info: getawaybrewing.com/beer

Crafted Culture | Handle My Lite Work

American light later | 4.6% ABV

The light lager gets a bad rep, thanks to the massive breweries with all the marketing dollars. But smaller microbreweries like Crafted Culture have demonstrated the appeal of a well-made, light, easy-drinking brew.

More info: craftedculturebrew.com/ontap

Nocterra Brewing | Sun Scream

American pale wheat | 5% ABV

If you’ve ever been to Nocterra, you know their beer garden is the ideal place for outdoor imbibing, and their Sun Scream wheat beer is the best complement: light, refreshing, a touch of citrus.

More info: nocterrabrewing.com/draftlist.html

Barley’s Brewing | Blood Thirst Wheat

Hefeweizen | 5% ABV

Barley’s is one of the long-running mainstays of the Columbus brew scene; they’ve been brewing the Blood Thirst Wheat since 2009. True to its name, the hazy wheat beer is loaded with freshly zested and pureed blood oranges.

More info: barleysbrewing.com/ale/beer/blood_thirst_wheat.html

Sideswipe Brewing | Ohio Country Kölsch

Kolsch | 4.5% ABV

Sideswipe puts it’s Ohio Country kolsch on tap and in cans, so you have multiple ways to enjoy their bright, crisp, clean take on the German ale.

More info: sideswipebrewing.com

North High Brewing | Grapefruit Walleye

Session IPA | 4.7% ABV

No, there’s no fish in North High’s Grapefruit Walleye. Instead, it’s an easy-drinking session IPA that’s infused with just the right amount of grapefruit. It balances that slightly bitter citrus with a bit of funky Citra hops.

More info: northhighbrewing.com/beer

Henmick Farm & Brewery | Pilsner

Pilsner | 5.2% ABV

The brand new Henmick leads off their beer menu with a clear, deep yellow pilsner brewed with traditional pilsner malts and German hops. It’s served in a dimpled mug and perfect for enjoying on their spacious lawns and patios.

More info: henmick.com/ontap

Lineage Brewing | Shoot-the-Chutes

Cream ale | 6% ABV

Described as a “lawn mower beer,” Shoot-the-Chutes is Lineage’s take on the cream ale, a style first popularized during Prohibition. There’s no cream in this style; instead, it’s an ale brewed to be light, clean, and easy-drinking like a lager.

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