Dodo Donuts | Columbus, OH

August 11, 2021

UPDATE: Dodo Donuts is now parked at Land-Grant Brewing’s patio in Franklinton!

You know I’m always cruising for more donuts, so I’ve avidly watched as a new trailer, Dodo Donuts, began hitting the streets of Columbus this summer. We first caught up with them when they paired up with Honey Cup Coffee Co. for an event at Hudson and Summit.

Even in its opening months, Dodo’s pink and black trailer has been making regular appearances all over the city. Their most frequent stop is Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Beechwold Farm Market on Indianola Ave. Keep an eye on their Instagram feed to see where they’re popping up next.

The offerings are simple but easy to love: mini donuts in all sorts of flavors! They feature a few greatest hits, but they also rotate flavors regularly. They’ll sometimes ask for help choosing new specialty flavors on social media.

On our first visit, we ordered a party box of 20 different donuts. They mixed up a little bit of every flavor available.

And what can we say? They’re easy to love!

Soft, warm donuts, not ridiculously sweet but still a really fun snack. And the flavors that we tried were great: apple pie, double chocolate, PB&J, even just the powdered sugar with jelly.

Definitely track them down and give them a try: follow them on Instagram @the_dodo_trailer to see where they’re appearing. They’ve popped up at some great community events, so you can often try them with local coffee, beer, or other food trucks.

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