CLOSED: Mersh’s Breakfast Cafe

November 4, 2021

UPDATE August 2022: Mersh’s Breakfast Cafe has CLOSED.

Breakfast-themed trucks are pretty elusive in central Ohio, so when word gets around about one doing breakfast – and doing it well – I get pretty excited. Mersh’s Breakfast Cafe started making the rounds last year, mostly residing on the east side while making forays across the city.

We hadn’t landed the chance to try them until they were setting up in our hood at one of High Road Gallery‘s monthly art brunches on a beautiful fall Saturday. So Beth and I strolled over the gallery to meet Marcia and Paul Davis, owners of the truck!

Mersh’s adorable truck is decked out in bright turquoise – very hard to miss!

Also adorable are the menu boards, all colorfully drawn with cartoon figures and descriptions. She has a few mainstays, but rotates specials frequently. And they also serve up One Line Coffee.

We mixed it up with a couple sandwiches and a waffle.

The Blueberries for Sal (great name!) layers a soft French toast waffle with a rich blueberry compote, sweet cream cheese, and a dusting of powdered sugar.

If you love blueberries like I do, this one is an absolute delight.

The Old Man Sandwich fills slices of rye bread with fried egg, spam, bread and butter pickles, dijonnaise, and usually slice of red onion (although we held those). It balances the egg and spam with a slight tang from the pickles and dijonnaise.

The Sandi Crab was another delightful hit: an Old Bay-seasoned krab-with-a-k scramble, white cheddar, tomato, arugula, red onion, Old Bay aioli on multigrain. Seasoned nicely, great mix of savory eggs with crisp veggies and a zesty aioli.

Absolutely be on the lookout for Mersh’s! We had a memorable breakfast there, and Marcia and Paul are very friendly and welcoming.

Follow them on Facebook, @mershs_breakfast_cafe on Instagram, and on the StreetFoodFinder.

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