Three To Try: Omelet That One Slide

April 22, 2016

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I’ve been burned by too many bad omelets. Not temperature burned. Just emotionally burned. You know that feeling? You order an omelet, you customize the toppings, and then what you get is this overcooked slab of scrambled eggs wrapped around overdone fillings. I’ve seen so many of these that I almost always avoid ordering omelets. But then a couple weeks ago we had the farmstead cheese omelet at Skillet, which was soft and creamy, and reminded me why omelets can be so great. So here we are.

1. Big Room Bar – I loved Big Room’s brunch, and they feature a couple of knockout omelets. The Green Day is packed with a basil avocado spread, while the Stranger in the Alps is this terrific sweet/savory mix of bacon, potatoes, onions, and a bourbon apple compote.

2. South of Lane – South of Lane is one of the places that taught me to love omelets again. They’re compact but filling and full of flavor, and so colorful. The menu usually features about five different omelets, all wonderfully crafted.

3. Hellas Carryout – The first thing I ever learned about Hellas was that they’re known for omelets. And seriously: half their three-page menu is omelets. This place has everything: Mexican omelets with sausages and salsa and more, Premium omelets with seafood or Greek and Italian specialties, or a huge list of veggie- and meat-centric omelets.

Also: omelet or omelette?

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(h/t to my friend Phil for first using the omelet pun)

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