CLOSED: Tupelo Doughnuts | Columbus, OH

October 6, 2017

UPDATE early 2022: Tupelo Doughnuts went on hiatus in December 2021 and doesn’t seem to be returning.

Tupelo Doughnuts | Facebook | T: @tupelodoughnuts | IG: @ohohtupelo
(614) 262-2417
Hours & locations vary: follow them on Facebook for updates

Tupelo Doughnuts first popped up on my radar over a year ago, as they started delivering donuts from a storefront in German Village. After a while they closed up, but suddenly we started seeing signs in Clintonville for a storefront along High Street, and then their hard-to-miss aquamarine truck began making regular appearances around the neighborhood.

Finally, finally, I had a free morning to stop by and check them out, and I’m so glad I did.

It’s easy to spot the Tupelo truck, with its bright coloring and their name emblazoned in black on the side. They’re very good are reporting where they’re popping up for the day,

The menu I’ve seen is simple: 5 types of donuts, 1 style of donut holes, and coffee. They lean toward the more creative flavors, but from what I’ve tasted they execute them all so well that they’re not gimmicky, dunked-in-breakfast-cereal donuts.

During my stop I ordered one of everything – you know, for research – and enjoyed them all. The coconut creme is topped with fresh coconut and filled with a lovely creme that’s not cloyingly sweet. The giant rosewater almond is topped with sliced almonds, while the brown butter hazelnut balances the dark sweetness of the butter with the nutty flavors.

One of the more popular choices is the creme brulee, which has a slightly hard crust with deep caramely flavor. My personal favorites, though: the orange cardamom donut holes. They were light and soft, and biting into them reminded me of the donuts I first fell in love with as a kid.

It’s also worth noting their coffee, which is a special blend from Brioso Coffee flavored with tupelo honey. It’s a great deal, and the honey adds the right touch of sweetness so you don’t need sugar.

They’ve been making regular rotations in front of Beechwold Hardware and downtown at Front and Broad, but watch their Facebook page for the latest updates. Trust me, you want to seek them out!

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