CLOSED: Tupelo Doughnuts | Columbus, OH

September 16, 2020

UPDATE early 2022: Tupelo Doughnuts went on hiatus in December 2021 and doesn’t seem to be returning.

Tupelo Doughnuts | Facebook | T: @tupelodoughnuts | IG: @ohohtupelo
2680 Billingsley Rd. (map it!)
Columbus, OH 43235
(614) 226-2417

Open Fri & Sat, 6-10a; Sun, 6-11a

I’ve been digging Tupelo Doughnuts since they first started appearing about three years ago. They offer an interesting mix of classic donut styles with creative flavors. Initially they delivered from a German Village storefront, then were planning a Clintonville shop. While that fell through, their truck has been a consistent presence on weekends outside Beechwold Bicycles in the neighborhood, and over the past year-ish they’ve also sold donuts out of their production kitchen close to Dublin, on Billingsley off Sawmill Road.

We’ve checked them out regularly over the years, but their move into a new facility on Billingsley prompted me to finally pay them a visit.

The building is fairly non-descript, and while the entryway is very well marked, it sits perpendicular to the road. So just look for the sandwich board sign and for Tilly, their bright turquoise truck, parked out front.

You can walk it and purchase donuts, but in these COVID days (and to guarantee getting the selection you want), I recommend pre-ordering online.

On our latest visit, we snagged a few staples: salted chocolate, brown butter hazelnut old fashioned, creme brulee (their greatest hit, IMHO), coconut creme, plus a couple specialties like blueberry crumble and raspberry old fashioned. All in all, still fun and well-executed.

But let’s not forget Tup, their silver truck parked in front of Beechwold Bicycles! The bike shop sits at 4584 N. High St. in Clintonville. Like the production kitchen, they’re typically open Friday-Sundays in the morning until they run out. The truck’s usual hours are 8 a.m. to noon.

In addition to their standards, Tupelo runs through some fun seasonal favorites. Usually around Valentine’s Day they’ll serve up heart-shaped donuts.

They’ve done a couple different buckeye-flavored ones, usually collaborating with Eagle Family Candies, around the start of football season. There are peppermint donuts and donuts with sprinkles close to the holidays, s’mores donuts in October.

Being a natural lover of all things autumn, I get excited for the highly photogenic sweet potato and toasted marshmallow donut that often appears in the fall.

If you’ve never given them a try, I’d suggest visiting Tup or the kitchen. Start with the creme brulee and keep working your way through the list!

Need more donuts in your life? Consult my Complete Guide to Columbus Donut Shops.

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