Madcap Coffee (Fulton Street) | Grand Rapids, MI

April 20, 2021

Madcap Coffee | Facebook | T: @madcapcoffee | IG: @madcapcoffee
1041 E. Fulton St. (map it!)
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Open Mon-Fri, 7a-3p; Sat-Sun, 8a-4p

Just like Real Food Cafe, Yesterdog, and Little Africa, Madcap Coffee is one of our must-stops any time we are home in Grand Rapids. The roastery and coffee shop – with four locations total – is well known and respected in the coffee industry, and we’ve long held them up as one of our favorite roasters.

Madcap started in Grand Rapids with a location downtown at Monroe Center, then added a second inside the Downtown Market.

They’ve added a spot in Detroit, and their third and newest in Grand Rapids sits on Fulton Street, close to the farmers market. It’s the one closest to our family, so it’s become our go-to spot when visiting.

In non-pandemic times you can access their long, naturally lit space. It has a couple small counters and tables. During the pandemic (and I’m sure continuing after) they’ve added rows of picnic tables in the large plaza out front.

We’ve worked our way through much of their coffee menu and have liked everything, with a couple favorites quickly rising to the top.

Their espresso service is top-notch, as are standards like cortados and cappuccinos.

As I’m sure you can guess from the many photos, my personal favorite is their cafe miel, which is basically a honey latte dusted with cinnamon.

Beth’s favorite – and I would say one of Madcap’s top offerings – is the iced pour over. You don’t see a lot of shops doing them, and they’re hard to do well. The name says it all: a pour over made and then served over ice. The baristas are great at recommending the ideal beans for the pour overs. When they’re done right, they’re clean, bright, fruity, and refreshing.

Madcap is an accomplished roaster, so if you’re visiting one of their shops I highly recommend picking up a some whole beans as well!

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