Three To Try: Kicking It With the Kiddos

April 1, 2016


Hey, parents, how are you hanging in there? You surviving spring break? Hopefully you’ve gone on some adventures with your kiddos. This week we’ve done the zoo, we’ve done playdates, we’ve done bring-your-kid-to-work, and we’re doing day trips. I’m here to help you finish spring break in style with this week’s Three To Try: breakfast spots to kick it with your kiddos.

1. 101 Beer Kitchen – 101 may be beer focused, but they’re welcoming to the whole family. My boys and I had a fun time at their brunch. The kid’s get their own little menu to fill out, and then their meal comes on a tray.

2. CBC Restaurant – Similar to 101 Beer Kitchen. Creative brunch dishes geared toward kids. Menus to color.

3. Cuco’s Taqueria – Cuco’s breakfast still flies under the radar. It’s all the Mexican favorites you love, but with the addition of eggs! Okay, so it’s not that simple, but I think your kiddos will love the hotcakes, huevos rancheros, huevos con chorizo, and more.

4. Cameron Mitchell Restaurants – It’s been a busy week, so you get a bonus suggestion: most Cameron Mitchell Restaurants serve the kids really well. This includes their early morning menus. Our boys loved the breakfasts at Hudson 29 and The Guild House, for instance. You can also do it up a little bigger with The Barn‘s Sunday brunch buffet.

5. Any Diner – Okay, you get an extra bonus: almost any diner! Diners are easy an hit for kids. They’re colorful, they’re inexpensive, they serve up big plates of food. Our boys love the seasonal pancakes at the German Village Coffee Shop, or getting to watch planes from the old control tower at Jack & Benny’s Barnstormer Diner.

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Need more breakfast ideas? Read other Three To Try options or re-visit the List of Reviews. Happy Breakfasting!

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