Three To Try: Breakfast Sandwiches

January 13, 2017

I’ve had a lot of great breakfast sandwiches lately, so this week’s topic was pretty easy to land on. Also, I’m surprised I haven’t written a Three To Try about breakfast sandwiches yet.

1. Baba’s – We’ve been loving on Baba’s lately. It’s great having them in the neighborhood, and their food keeps getting better and better. The main dish at breakfast are their griddle muffins, made with fluffy house-baked bread and different choices of meats. We can testify that the sausage, chorizo, and brisket are excellent.

2. Rockmill Tavern – Rockmill Tavern is open for a light breakfast weekdays and a bigger brunch weekends. Both feature a breakfast sandwich that’s as sweet and messy and delicious as the crispy chicken sandwich served at dinner. It layers fried egg, arugula, bacon jam, pickled onion, sharp cheddar, and a dijoinaise on thin, buttery brioche buns.

3. Acre – Like Rockmill, Acre serves their breakfast sandwich during a light weekday service and during weekend brunch. Their sandwich is built on fluffy souffled eggs, spinach, pickled onions, bacon (or a tomato jalapeno jam), and an avocado sour cream served on focaccia. Bonus: you can order it through the drive-through, even without calling ahead.

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Need more breakfast ideas? Check out the new Current Cravings page, read other Three To Try options, or re-visit the List of Reviews. Happy Breakfasting!

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