The James Beard Celebrity Chef Dinner Returns!

September 11, 2017

We’re very fortunate in Columbus to have many great chefs who share their creations with us, and from time to time their work comes together in a single evening where diners can taste a variety of dishes while simply basking in the skill of the chefs and their teams. Last year we had the pleasure of attending the James Beard Celebrity Chef Tour dinner at the Hilton Downtown Columbus, where Chef Bill Glover hosted a number of Columbus and visiting chefs.

In a couple weeks – on Thursday, September 28, to be exact – Chef Glover and the Gallerie Bar & Bistro inside the Hilton will host another James Beard Dinner featuring the work of chefs from Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and the Culinary Vegetable Institute in Milan, Ohio. Check out the official event page or the Facebook event for more details and to get tickets!

The lineup and the menu varies year to year, so what you see here isn’t exactly what will be served at this year’s dinner. But consider it enticement to get your tickets now for this year’s event…

This year’s dinner features the work of:

Chef Bill Glover and Pastry Chef Aaron Clouse of the Gallerie Bar & Bistro

Chef Jack Moore of Watershed Kitchen & Bar

Chef Jose Salazar of Salazar and Mita in Cincinnati

Chef (and James Beard Award-winner) Jimmy Schmidt of FoodShed Exchange

Chef Jamie Simpson of the Culinary Vegetable Institute

Chef Andrew Smith of Rockmill Tavern

Chef Kevin Sousa of Superior Motors in Braddock, Pennsylvania

Much of the fun of the dinner, apart from the food, is watching all the chefs work together, assisting one another in plating and execution.

And then you’re treated to course after course, each one reflecting the chef and their style.

In our experience, the courses are also employ a variety of ingredients, from different proteins and vegetables to different seasonal and international influences.

We also hear from the chefs throughout the night, each one explaining their course and its inspiration.

Each dish is highly Instagram-worthy.


And in between courses it’s great fun to visit with your fellow diners and watch the chefs at work.

The courses run from appetizers and small plates…

…to entrees…

…to creative desserts.

Not to mention wine, beer, and cocktails that complement the dishes.

We’d of course recommend the dinner! It’s an excellent highlight of the chefs’ skills, in a beautiful setting. The Gallerie is even completing some renovations in time for the evening.

James Beard Celebrity Chef Tour Dinner
Thursday, September 28, 6:30 p.m.
Gallerie Bar & Bistro
401 N. High St. (inside the Hilton)
Columbus, OH 43215
Check out the official event page or the Facebook event for more details and to get tickets!

This post was sponsored by the Gallerie Bar & Bistro. Photos and opinions are our own!

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