These are the Best Places for Pastries in Columbus

October 7, 2023

Updated 3/19/24

Columbus has no shortage of great bakeries, producing breads and donuts and other confections! Here are some of the best places to get pastries in Columbus.

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1. Three Bites Bakery

Isabella Bonello’s unique blend of Italian and Fillipino pastries makes her King-Lincoln shop one of the best spots for pastries in Columbus. Try custard-filled bombolini, cheese-stuffed ube pandesal, savory tarts, coffee cake, breads.

Address: 999 Mt. Vernon Ave., King-Lincoln

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2. Parable Coffee

Parable Coffee offers one of the city’s most unique coffee programs, with stellar espresso, pour overs, and specialty drinks. It’s complemented by beautiful pastries from chef Aaron Clouse. Look for giant circular croissants, fancy “French toast” with poached pears, cookies, scones, and more. [EDIT: Aaron has moved to Littleton’s Market!]

Address: 149 S. High St., Downtown

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3. Fox in the Snow Cafe

Now up to four locations across the city, Fox in the Snow produces a beloved mix of classic pastries, paired with coffee and that famous egg sandwich. It’s hard to go wrong, but favorites here include cinnamon rolls, blueberry galettes, chocolate morning buns, ham and cheese croissants, and – when in season – the tomato tart.

Address: 1031 N. Fourth St. (Italian Village), 210 Thurman Ave. (German Village), 160 W. Main St. (New Albany), 38 W. Bridge St. (Dublin)

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4. Belle’s Bread

Belle’s Bread has rightfully earned national attention for its amazing blend of Japanese and French pastries. Food & Wine called it one of the best 100 bakeries in the country. And we’d totally agree. Part of the Japanese Marketplace that includes Akai Hana and Tensuke Market/Express, Belle’s offers a stunning daily selection of breads and pastries that you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

Address: 1168 Kenny Centre Mall, Northwest

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5. Dan the Baker

Dan the Baker has been active for years producing simply stunning breads, croissants, morning buns, and seasonal “cruffins.” And he’s gained quite the following in recent years on Instagram and TikTok for his bread-making videos!

Address: 1028 Ridge St., Grandview

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6. Pistacia Vera

Pistacia Vera has been a mainstay both of German Village dining and the city’s bakery scene. The French-inspired cafe features one of the most picturesque collections of pastries in the city: croissants, galettes, caneles, brioche, macarons.

Address: 541 S. Third Ave., German Village

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7. La Chatelaine Bakery & Cafe

La Chatelaine is a much-loved, family-run trio of French bakeries, known for their beautiful selection of breads, croissants, tarts, eclairs, and other sweets – plus their French-inspired breakfasts and lunches. Our personal favorite is the almond croissant!

Address: 1550 W. Lane Ave. (Upper Arlington), 627 High St. (Worthington), 65 W. Bridge St. (Dublin)

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8. La Plaza Tapatia

This massive Mexican market, grocery store, and restaurant moved to a new location on the west side a couple years ago. In addition to all the groceries and prepared foods, they expanded their bakery, which means more conchas, cakes, cookies, donuts, and other goodies.

Address: 255 Georgesville Rd., West Side

Learn more: La Plaza Tapatia

Image courtesy Omega Artisan Baking on Facebook

9. Omega Artisan Baking [CLOSED]

Omega is one of the mainstays of the North Market downtown, inhabiting the entire southwest corner of the market. They’re known for their fantastic selection of breads, but also sweet and savory croissants, cinnamon twists, and fan-favorite cinnamon rolls.

Address: 59 Spruce St., North Market

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Image courtesy Le Vieux Lyon on Facebook

10. Le Vieux Lyon French Bakery & Market [CLOSED]

UPDATE: Le Vieux Lyon is closed and for sale. Out on the east side, the family-run Le Vieux Lyon features stunning French breads and pastries: giant baguettes, canales, tarts, croissants, croque madame, cakes, and more.

Address: 1792 Brice Rd., Reynoldsburg

Read more: Le Vieux Lyon French Bakery & Market

11. Tous Les Jours

This South Korean-based chain opened a Columbus location in late 2023. It quickly became a hit for its giant array of pastries. Guests just grab a tray and a set of tongs, then fill up with sweet and savory croissants, breads, sandwiches, donuts, and other confections.

Address: 2851 Olentangy River Rd., University Village

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Image courtesy Spicy Cup Cafe on Facebook

12. Spicy Cup Cafe

Formerly Panaderia Guadalupaña, The Spicy Cup is one of the city’s top Mexican bakeries, serving coffee, fresh pastries, savory sandwiches, and other breakfasts.

Address: 1977 E. Dublin Granville Rd., Northland

Read more: Spicy Cup Cafe

Pastry at Creme de la Creme Bakery & Cafe

13. Creme de la Creme Bakery & Cafe

Creme de la Creme is a newer European-style cafe and coffee shop on the west side. Its beautiful storefront stands out from the strip malls around it. Inside you’ll find the cases consistently stocked with a variety of sweets like danishes, turnovers, croissants, cakes, and tarts.

Address: 5311 Westpointe Plaza Dr., West Side

Read more: European-Style Pastries and Coffee at Creme de la Creme Bakery & Cafe

14. Kittie’s Cakes

Now up to three locations across the city – German Village, Bexley, and Worthington – Kittie’s is part coffee shop and part bakery. They feature a mix of breads, cakes, and scones, as well as tarts, croissants, buns, and biscuits.

Address: 495 S. Third St. (German Village), 2424 E. Main St. (Bexley), 693 High St. (Worthington)

Read more: Kittie’s Cakes Owners Purchase Highline Coffee in Old Worthington

15. Mozart’s Cafe

Mozart’s is a long-time Clintonville spot offering a European take on breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea. Head to their historic space, which started as the Beechwold Tavern, for their event rooms or quiche, salads, soups, and sandwiches. But absolutely don’t miss the display cases of stunning pastries.

Address: 4784 N. High St., Clintonville

Read more: Mozart’s Cafe

16. Kolache Republic

Kolache Republic is Columbus’ only bakery dedicated to the Czech pastry kolache. Kolache are square pastries that use a fluffy, lightly sweetened dough filled with fruits, nuts, cream cheese, etc. in the middle. They feature a few staples but run through fun seasonal flavors, too. (And they use the same dough to make amazing breakfast and lunch sandwiches, too!)

Address: 702 S. High St. (inside The Daily Growler), German Village/Brewery District

Read more: Kolache Republic

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